Shoelaces. Tied.


Most, if not all, of you have access to my post re: Melissa/Rex/Mister Sass and ergo don't need me to explain this too much.
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Please note that she has a grandson who's in the idol band, and that's clearly Mister Sass because he's from Thunder Bay. Mister Sass gets a thumbs up from the good citizens of my city, and I like to think that everyone at mister_sass feels the same way, too!

PS. She was so told wrong.
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I am here to pimp an awesome new community which I just know everyone will want to join.

This new community is called kalanhasnosoul, and it's for anyone who used to be a fan of Kalan Porter's and is now baffled, bewildered, and even disgusted by the gross, drugged-out, rockstar-wannabe sheepdog that goes by Kalan's names and plays songs from his album of horror, 219 Days.

So if you think New!Kalan has no soul and is DEAD ON THE INSIDE, it's time for you to join us. kalanhasnosoul is waiting for you! JOIN NOW!
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Mister Sass is so amazing.

You know that LJ Interests meme that's been going around?


LJ Interests meme results

  1. being amazing:
    Mister Sass is really amazing.

  2. being like bon jovi:
    Mister Sass is really amazing. Kind of like how amazing Bon Jovi is. And that's a lot of amazing.

  3. dance party!:
    Mister Sass should yell amazing things like "dance party!", because that would enhance his amazing-ness.

  4. floorgasms:
    Mister Sass's (durr.) lover has floorgasms and it's sort of embarrassing and uncomfortable but a little bit amazing.

  5. his royal hotness:
    Mister Sass is royally hot. Why? Because he's amazing.

  6. jumping into crowds:
    Sometimes, Mister Sass's lover jumps into crowds. That's just dumb. But then Mister Sass jumps into the crowd, and suddenly, it is amazing again.

  7. lemonade stand guy:
    The lemonade stand guy is so amazing, but mostly because he says thing like "Dickie Porker likes prison sex."

  8. melissa o'neil (perhaps?):
    Melissa is not as amazing as Mister Sass, but she's pretty darn cool. (P.S. Her dad's amazing.)

  9. playing air violin:

  10. those lustrous locks:
    The man has amazing hair.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

...did I mention that the dude was amazing?
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This community is SERIOUS business.

Check it oooout! The community interests list is constantly being updated (because I keep thinking of new awesome things to add, but also because I'm kind of sick and twisted). Please take a look at it and let me know if I'm missing anything really important. ;)

And remember: Mister Sass loves you!
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Shoelaces. Tied.

I'm posting these and then going back to bed.

So last night was Kalan's final show of 65, marking his one year anniversary of winning CI. Word on the street is that now his band - or at least most of it - leave him to tour with Melissa. These pictures (which I'm not resizing because they're not mine and I'm lazy) actually make me feel pretty sad for Dickie Mister Sass their love myself, mostly because I actually feel sad.

Collapse )

ETA Videos:

Devil Went Down To Georgia - I just stole someones link so this may be inactive by the time you guys get it. Devil horns + Mister Sass clucking like a chicken + Kalan grooving (seriously, he starts to "dance" and it's maybe a little adorable.)

Mister Sass wears a wig - And Kalan talks. He realizes he's alone on stage, he talks fairly coherently to fill time, the camera goes black for a little while and then we get the beautiful faux luscious hair of Mister Sass during a clip of Long Train Running.

PS. Check out the new picture.
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I have a SERIOUS problem.

The other day, my lovely wife bought me a paid eljay account, extra userpics and all! However, it has come to my attention that I have no MISTER SASS icons! This is a pretty big issue for me right now as it inhibits my ability to really communicate with fellow Mister Sass AsSASSins(?).

Does anybody know where I could acquire some good pictures (or even icons which have already been made! That would be super awesome) which really capture the essence of Mister Sass' rock and roll spirit?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Let's get this party started...

...with a poll!

Poll #562122 Oh Mister Sass, the world is a better place because of you!

What's the greatest thing about Mister Sass?

His lustrous locks!
His charisma and charm!
His dazzling smile!
His amazing dancing!
His mad guitar playing/music creating skillz!
His fabulous brand of tacky-chic GAY.
It's hard to say, really. When a man is as beautiful and perfect as Mister Sass is, it's next to impossible to put ones finger on exactly what it is that makes him so marvelous.

Let's say you win a contest, and the prize is exactly 17 strands of Mister Sass's gorgeous, silky-smooth hair. What do you do with it?

[ETA: Oh, WOW, Yaz! Violence is GREAT.]

[ETA: Ahahahahaha! I like how Joy's answer to the second question was so similar to mine except mine is even creepier. MISTER SASS VIALS 4EVA!]
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